Thursday, March 01, 2012

baze.djunkiii Charts 03/2012

01. Sascha Müller / Acidfloor [Psychocandies 001 Promo]
See review for details...

02. Loops Of Your Heart - And Never Ending Nights [Magazine 005]
Ambient SynthKraut! For real. Alex Willner - better known to many under his The Field moniker - serves an epic piece of Deep Listening Synthesizer Music that's able to carry you away, off your local armchair into other relaxing realms or even the next space time continuum. Not less than excellent, a limited to 500 copies piece that I'd regard as must have. If you're able to find one.

03. Joe Goddard - Gabriel *Remixes [Greco-Roman Promo]
See review for details...

04. Shambhu And The True Love Hearts - Sadness / Rummelsnuff - Machen Wir Den Tanz [Ostgut Ton 050]
Celebrating its 50th release anniversary the highly respected Techno serving imprint Ostgut Ton comes up with something completely different. And the best thing they've ever put out. A limited to 500 copies 7" which sees Shambhu And The True Love Hearts playing with campfire romanticism, singing the Blues. Or Country. Just depends on the point of view, at least a bit of both and their "Sadness" is amazing able to touch the heart of everyone loving his Indie to Shoegaze to PostWave right. And even the lonesome rider is about to shed a tear. On the flip the extraordinary but not less amazing Rummelsnuff does the dance, the EBM dance and comes up with an oldskool'ish pre-Techno feel bringing back the original Techno Club feel that existed way back in time when EBM / NuBeat / Industrial ruled the dancefloor, paving the path for what is our electronic dance music right now. Great!

05. TJ Kong & Modular K - End-game [Poker Flat Recordings 127 Promo]
See review for details...

06. Kasper Björke - Lose Yourself To Jenny [HFN Music 12 Promo]
See review for details...

07. Battles - Drop Gloss 1 [Warp Records 327]
Has the term EmoHouse been coined yet? If not this record is the reason why this description perfectly makes sense and it's not only due to my personal and emotional state of mind that I'm falling for stuff like this easily these days - also check: Kolombo - "Waiting For / Rescue Me" released via Kompakt Pop which is another one that deeply touches my heart - but both Gui Boratto and Alex Willner / The Field (again!) serving great relicks here. Whilst Mr. Boratto focuses on a certain kind of Indie-aspect and fuses epic strings with decent guitar-built melancholia we see The Field exploring dubbed out realms in slow motion, creating an everlasting loop, a tunnel that's going nowhere but in a way that could be going forever without any signs of boredom or irrelevance. Remember "Fackeln Im Sturm" ?

08. Alpha Steppa meets RSD [Steppas Records]
What a nice surprise this one is. Exactly in between Dubstep, Roots and DubHouse in its original meaning this one reactivates my love for a special kind of bass music I first experienced when I entered - as a full-on raver - a party in in Flensburg somewhen around the mid 90s where a crew named Fat Back Sound where playing out all night. Dub and DubHouse - dancehall style with loads of FX and sirens and tons of bass. I remember a whole wall built of speakers, amazing bass pressure and being puzzled for ages before the magic of DubHouse fully hit me. This 12" makes me feel like being exactly back at that party again - all time classic potential.

09. Yasmin - Finish Line [Ministry Of Sound]
Ladies and gentlemen ... we proudly present... the return of 2Step / UK Garage! Long awaited and missed way too long the so-called "The Mike Delinquent Project Remix" is a one on one revival of the UKG heydays sound and that's the reason I love this one to death. Yes, it is a bit cheesy and the halftempo break pathetic but the tune just feels so fucking good. More of that. Soon. Shy FX's Drum'n'Bass re-fit on the flip is sweet and well-crafted but UKG wins. Always.

10. SBTRKT [YT 075 Whitelabel]
Not much info given here, just a whitelabel and that's how we love electronic music. Who cares about details when the music is good? Well, actually the A-side is okay regarding the style of vocal-driven TechHouse with a UK Funky-related bassline but it's the flip I fell for - sweet, tempting SpeedGarage with a romantic twist. Love at the first sight - or in-ear contact? Defo one of my favorite tunes of this specific genre - not only because gems like this are hard to find nowadays.


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