Sunday, April 15, 2012

Daniel Dexter - Storm [Poker Flat Recordings 129 Promo]

Scheduled for early May on Poker Flat Recordings is the release of Daniel Dexters new three track EP named "Storm" which introduces a new feel to the labels sound, combining original sax lines with a pumping TechHouse drive and - this goes especially for the title track "Storm" and the B2-feature "Murder" - a certain, ever building dark'ish intensity that, not only due to clonky bass lines, ravey hooks and oldskool claps in the right place, transforms clubs into raves and sets primetime floors on fire. Soundwise not your average Poker Flat-release and defo not the one you'd necessarily expect on Steve Bugs very own imprint, one that might not appeal to all fans and followers in the first place but one that is a long time grower for sure and easily can stand the test of time. Also keep your ears open for the nicely irritating and very subliminal use of field recordings in "There Will Be Jazz" that once again prove Mr. Dexters excellent studio and dancefloor abilities. Quality.


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