Thursday, April 05, 2012

baze.djunkiii Charts 04/2012... And Some Changes

Well, thoughts have progressed after my "Change Of Focus"-post about five weeks ago and the idea of stepping back from DJ'ing apart from a few challenging - or very well paid - occasions became more and more concrete which also will affect the monthly chart posts which have - in the past - been reflecting only new music and fresh or upfront promo material but will, from now on, also reflect and feature stuff that might be a bit older, long sought after findings or stuff that I haven't been aware of yet. Also CD, CDr or tape releases might find their way into the monthly top ten now as there's no need to focus on only DJ-friendly formats. But still - no mp3 and other digital releases will be found, still fully supporting the physical thing and no virtual data stuff.

01. Reptile Youth - Speeddance [HFN Music 013 Promo]
See review for details...

02. Trentemöller - My Dreams [In My Room 008 Promo]
See review for details...

03. Alex Niggemann - Don't Wait [Poker Flat Recordings 128 Promo]
See review for details...

04. Dillon - This Silence Kills [BPitch Control 244]
An album of amazing beauty which I discovered @ Meine Kleinraumdisko / Hamburg, a tiny sweet bar which is one of my favorite places to hang out especially at their bi-weekly "Plattentest"-sessions where staff and friends play whole albums to each other, discussing, chatting and drinking. I was touched by the innocent and partly Björk'esque vibe lying within Dillons voice - hadn't heard of her before and I was quite surprised that an album fragile and inspiring like this was put on the circuit via BPitch Control, a label that I haven't been following since around 2005 and even before that time I bought only three 12" from their massive catalogue, the last one being Paul Kalkbrenners " Gebrünn Gebrünn / Tatü-Tata" which imho is the only relevant thing he ever put out. But no matter what "This Silence Kills" is the exception from the norm and I've been listening to this album minimum a dozen of times within the last week alone. Great!

05. Wolfgang Voigt - Rückverzauberung 6 [Magazine 007]
The Magazine label strikes again with the second great release within only a few weeks. One might refer to this one as a sequel of Wolfgang Voigts Profan 034 release which featured the kind of neo-classical "Rückverzauberung 2" but "Rückverzauberung 6" is defo a darker sequel. Parts "6.1" and "6.2" are based upon processed, eerie choirs and Drone / Dark Ambient flavours and not meant for those with a weak heart whilst part "6.3" is a dark Drone piece built on top of a technoid 4/4 hidden in the very background of the general mixdown providing a dancefloor feel for non-existing dancefloors of a sci-fi past. Recommended.

06. Ninety Three / Swampman [Bullfrog 006]
Two heavy pieces on Cluekid's very own Bullfrog label. "Ninety Three" is a top notch Jungle tune that, apart from higher production standards, could've been crafted in 1993 as the name suggests and blows everyone's hat off with its m-a-s-s-i-v-e sub bass dropping in the last third. Back to the oldskool - right now and forever. "Swampman" on the flip is a dark, hypnotic halftime Dubstep workout that reminisces about the great times around 2005 / 2006, albums like Distance's "My Demons" and other seminal and likeminded pieces of that era. This is darkness.

07. Vivian Girls - I Heard You Say [Polyvinyl Record Company]
A 2011 release and another great record I discovered while hanging out Meine Kleinraumdisko - foggy, hippie'esque and innocent Lo-Fi Indie Pop with hyper-lovely, totally drugged out vocals that totally got me the first time I heard them. And I never stopped listening ever since. In german there's the almost non-translateable word "niedlich" that totally fits on this 7". Buy blindfolded if you're able to find a copy.

08. Sascha Müller - Shit Music [Pharmacom Records]
See review for details...

09. Kasper Björke - Fool [HFN Music 014 Promo]
See review for details...

10. I Heart Sharks - Summer / Aerobics [AdP Records]
See review for details...


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