Friday, April 06, 2012

Sandow feat. Alexander Scheer - Im Feuer [Major Label 055 Promo]

April 27th sees the release of another very special audio book via Major Label which is also a kind of an artist album as the Punk-/Avantgarde-related band Sandow reflects their 30 years of history with this one, from their very beginnings observed by the so-called Stasi in the eastern part of Germany behind a wall of concrete that once separated the GDR from its western counterpart through the re-unification years, from friendship to love affairs, real and / or pretended pregnancies, a journey from suffering times to fame to art and deconstruction, from theatre to club stages and back again, an ensemble of personal snapshots from a long lasting history, a story of euphoria and tragedy and defo a new and interesting way of documenting what has happened from a very personal, authentic and - for sure - also subjective point of view that is still able to please not only fans but also people that haven't heard of Sandow before. Psychedelicly arranged and realized by Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt, author, composer and, apart of this, singer of Sandow himself.


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