Sunday, April 08, 2012

JSt*r - Extra Playa EP [JS 017 Promo]

JSt*r, our beloved king of the MashUp scene, is back on track with a new release these days - this time hitting stores and floors as three track 12" and the contained tune named "Dancehall Kings" alone features more classic HipHop- , Reggae- and Discosamples than your average mixtape, too many to mention or pick only a few but if you've been growing up in the nineties you'll be loving this one to death. Not only for being expertly crafted like all JSt*r releases. But celebrating the quality of "Dancehall Kings" does not mean to diminish the flipside-featured pieces "Weed Anthem" and "One Life (Instrumental)" which both are dope as fuck and essential for any MashUp-DJ these days. Quality.


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