Tuesday, May 29, 2012

eVADE - Timeline [Super 6 Records 076.5]

Another fresh one coming via Super 6 Records these days is eVADE's new album entitled "Timeline" which is a fourteen track journey into the musical realms of so-called Intelligent Techno with a mostly melodic, partly Electro-, partly Detroit-influenced flavor and a deep listening attitude easily bringing up momories of endless rides through animated tunnels and multi-coloured hyperartificial landscapes as we've loved them in !K7's X-Mix-series years ago. And yes, eVADE is a true master in sculpting these land- or better soundscapes, these yet unknown but still warm and familiar spheres no matter if they're calm like the perfectly named "Dreaming" or a bit more floor fitting like the slightly acidic, unpronounceable "Rneg" or the Ambient Breakdance anthem "Bsln"  and due to this fact one might refer to "Timeline" as simply timeless. Or classic to be. Get. But: prepare for the heavy wall of distortion and noise that's served in "Lfb", a furious piece that's breaking out from all the comfortable feel of the album....


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