Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sascha Müller - Mercurius EP [Super 6 Records 076]

The next one to come via Sascha Müllers Super 6 Records-imprint is his very own "Mercurius EP" named after the 11:28 minutes long title track which can be described as slow but continuously building piece of classical Techno - no melodies invlvd but two steadily mutating, meandering signals and patterns and patterns of percussive elements that keep the whole thing moving over its whole playtime - a minimalist approach in its true form without even trying to be Minimal Techno at all. "Phono Mixer" is even more stripped down, built around a small, slightly distorted sound fragment and dry percussions with a bit of an acidic topping. Could've been released on a label like Audio.NL or Studio as well, if one still remembers these. Friends of deeper, more Ambient-flavored styles in electronic finally are about to feel pleased by "Ozon" which is a future classic in ever floating electronics, serving a lovely calmness that's hard to be found in these days releases. Nice.


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