Monday, May 28, 2012

Sascha Müller & eVADE - A Session Pt.1 [S2200]

S2200 seems to be a new label launched out of Sascha Müllers music laboratories and sees him teaming up with the well-known eVADE that has appeared many times on his various labels. For "A Session" as this one is called, trying to get hold of several genres beatwise and dabbling around with various ideas and different ways to approach this fields musically - including dark, swampy Dubstep tunes, steel drum including pieces of Instrumental Grime and some weird 4/4 workouts somewhat in between all categories. But what is the main point in all these tracks, they sound very raw and unfinished, some even unmixed or -mastered so there's no real point or necessity in putting them out yet unless for documentary reasons, as a snapshot of work-in-progress or something similar. And the questions remains if this legitimates the launch of a new label at all. For die-hard fans only as this one unfortunately does not serve the quality one is used to get from the Müller labs.


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