Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ghosts In Disguise - Odenwald [Shhhh Records 006 Promo]

Recently released via the Mettmann-based Shhhh Records-imprint is "Odenwald", the latest output coming from the the studios of Helge Neuhaus a.k.a. Hell-G collaborating with Matthew Adams under the name of Ghosts In Disguise serving a four track vinyl plus additional six track CD holding three alternate versions / remixes to please all lovers of dreamy MinimalHouse and Ambient'ish 4/4 warm-up tunes that do no harm but spread a certain foggy, romantic feel that is to be found in the Post-PostRock of Klimek as well as in early Dial-releases and, partly, as well in the classic odes to the german Black Forrest provided by GAS ages ago. That's what we find here and that's what the remixers - as there are Matthias Schaffhäuser of Ware-fame, Bluff, Robert Edwin and more - are providing as well, always keen to keep the original vibe alive no matter how (or how not) dancefloor focused their mixes might be. But still: with that many labels around providing a sound similar to this it might not be that easy for Ghosts In Disguise to break through with "Odenwald", gaining enough attention by the right people to see their stuff being played all over the place and so I think this EP will be appreciated within collectors and specialists circles rather than recognized by the masses. Which is not bad necessicarily.


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