Monday, May 07, 2012

Matt Springfield - Erase All Data [AKA Music Promo]

Crowdsourcing seems to be a legit way to raise money for new releases these days but Matt Springfield seems to be the first one to fully get into this concept as he managed not only to collect money for his 2010-released single "Things I've Said" but, based on the success of this song, raise even more cash from more people to get his forthcoming longplayer "Erase All Data" done that is scheduled for June 1st now. I am impressed as there've been bigger names failing on a similar attempt. And this album starts out promising - especially "The End Of Life" and "Poplife!" sound like original 80s Dance-anthems from the Miami Vice-era, spreading that special feel and flavour this time is known - and partly loved - for. Proper and well-mainstream flavored Pop music to please a wide audience and well fitting into daytime radio rotations. But - and that's quite sad after opening with two well obvious hits to be - what follows next are only average attempts of kitschy ballads and Pop songs, copycatting what has been without showing a certain face of their own, at least for someone who has been raised in the 80s. I'm sure there is a scene for music like this and maybe there's even some options for Matt Springfield to be featured in some future movie soundtracks as tracks like "Haunted" or "Things I've Said" are perfectly to underline some bittersweet love story but these stories are not really my personal cup of tea. I do prefer coffee.


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