Sunday, May 06, 2012

baze.djunkiii Charts 05/2012

01. Audiolith - Doin' Our Thing #2 [Audiolith Promo]
See review for details...

02. Shin Joong Hyun - Beautiful Rivers And Mountains [Light In The Attic Records]
"Beautiful Rivers And Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea's Shin Joon Hyun 1958 - 1974" as this 2011-released 2xLP is fully titled is another great musical piece I discovered while hanging out at Hamburg's Meine Kleinraumdisko which is not only one of my favorite spaces in town but also a place of musical inspiration and shared knowledge. Plus: the source of navy strength gin and rum. But we're here to talk music, so even without unvealing the whole story of Shin Joon Hyun which is covered and captured in the liner notes of the gatefold cover and additional inlay sheet, the fact that there has been an artist and producer in South Korea catching up on western Pop melancholia, Psychedelic Rock and other styles in that era is more than fascinating and the music itself is top notch and can compete with any western stuff from that long gone years plus there are songs that seem to partly Easy Listening, partly novelty and also exotic as the lyrics are in Korean language as well which - at least for European and US listeners - is not common to come across. Check: Kim Sun "The Man Who Must Leave", Lee Jung Hwa "Tomorrow" and the deep, Nightmares On Wax-like beat structures of  Shin Joon Hyun's very own "'J' Blues 72" to mention only a few of the fourteen contained pieces. Must have.

03. Clara Bow - Not Now [Bow Records / Smarten Up]
Finally it's done. Hamburg's ultra-fine Clara Bow are ready to unleash the box full of being-stuck-in-your-ear hits that "Not Now" is. Originally announced for early 2012 and now coming mid-May all twelve songs are crossing over between raw and uncut Garage-influenced Rock('n'Roll), Happy-Go-Lucky-Pop without any sellout or mainstream attitude and Indie, straight in your face stuff with an average play time of less than 3 minutes per song which is still more than enough to say it all, seduce your heart and move your ass onto your local Indie dancefloor. At least the first bars of each song  are doing the last mentioned job - immediately. And this is one but not the only reason to add "Not Now" to your collection quickly. Plus: if they're selling the CD in good rates there are plans to put their album to vinyl as well. Which would be great. Buy!

04. Kasper Björke - Deep Is The Breath [HFN Music 018 Promo] 
See review for details...

05. Shackleton - Music For The Quiet Hour / The Drawbar Organ EPs [Woe To The Septic Heart! Promo]
See review for details...

06. Human Woman - Human Woman [HFN Music 017 Promo]
See review for details...

07. Daniel Dexter - Storm [Poker Flat Recordings 129 Promo]
See review for details...

08. Richard Devine - Risp EP 2011 [Detroit Underground 016]

Honestly this is the very first Richard Devine record I'm really into, the first one I really get although he has been one of the leading protagonists in Glitch / IDM since the late 90s and I've been following this scene since then, especially in the early years when there was a clear link to Breakcore and many rather unknown folks played on Sunday nights at Hamburg's Golden Pudel Club providing a glimpse to the forefront of sound bending and musical abstraction. I've lost traces on that a while ago 'coze there's been lots of repetition and a lack of innovation for a while but these four tunes have a quite special twist as they are relatively slow but still of a mind wrecking hypercomplexity that is impossible to embrace in only one or two listening sessions. Uber-compressed as well and defo jam-packed with a shitload of musical events per second, uncountable and always serving something one hasn't been aware of before. File under: sound wizzardry.

09. R1 Ryders - Pole Position EP [R1 004]

Funkitek is what the R1 Ryders crew calls their music which is a mixture of hard bangin' 4Beat / 4x4, UK Funky and dirty bassline assaults able to tear up any dancefloor up for what might be named Urban Bass Music as a general term not replacing the old " 'ardcore continuum" but summing up more recent developments instead of reflecting the whole 20+ years of UK bass music culture. Whatever, the R1 Ryders manage to coin a niche of their own musicwise, focusing on techier, tool'ish aspects of their tunes but still adding some little elements, melodies and references to them that keep ravers happy although they're only glimpsing through instead of being present allover. Proper.    

10. JSt*r - Extra Playa EP [JS 017 Promo]
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