Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Kraak & Smaak - Mixed Feelings [Jalapeno Records Promo]

If you think of Funky Breaks these days you gotta think of Kraak & Smaak and Jalapeno Records, two names closely connected and well representing a scene that has gained much attention within the last years, not only but partly due to the bands album "Electric Hustle" and their massive live shows all over the place. Funky Breaks is music for those bored by the strict 4/4 ruling contemporary House music, missing the Funk and the warm, embracing organic feel in todays NuSkoolBreaks and longing for a discoid Pop aspect in dance music at all without feeling the need to go mainstream. Put all these needs in a melting pot and you'll get something Kraak & Smaak'ish as a result and with their "Mixed Feelings" they're representing their musical hood for sure. Remixes of their last album meet with their remix works crafted for artists like Moby, Smoove & Turrell or Sander Kleinenberg and a bunch of new tunes as well, served as 13 tracks in-one-go-mix and additional 11 track unmixed album, spreading the positive dancefloor vibe the group is known and loved for by their fans which will happily add this one to their individual collections when it's released in the end of July.. But still: listening to "Mixed Feelings" in a focused session is a bit much of positivity and sweetness for me, things are a little too slick and too less edgy for my personal taste. Honestly I did feel the need to stop the CD after the first five or six tunes... although I loved Kraak & Smaak's live performance at Hamburgs Moondoo Club about a year ago. Guess that's how their music works best for me - live on stage.


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