Sunday, June 03, 2012

Digitalism - DJ-Kicks [!K7 Promo]

Scheduled for June 25th is the next touchdown of !K7's legendary DJ-Kicks series, this time compiled and mixed by the Hamburg-based duo named Digitalism that has spent more days playing out on the road than in their home town throughout the last years setting festivals and huge stages on fire live and DJ-wise, hyping crowds with ElectroHouse, NuRave and what might be best described as fusion of the mentioned with good old Rock music. And this is exactly what their contribution to DJ-Kicks is all about - massive Rave bangers as there is TWR72's "Summer" , tunes by the likes of Alex Gopher, Housemeister, The Rapture, WhoMadeWho and - inspired by the duos personal favorites amongst all DJ-Kicks compilations - a solid base of exclusive and previously unreleased Digitalism-tunes to please all of their fans with something new, something special. And they will be pleased for sure although this compilation might not be going down as essential piece in the history of the whole series as it is way less eclectic than a lot of its predecessors. But who amongst their followers cares about eclecticism? The kids want bangers and that's what they get.


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