Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Foals Tapes [!K7 Promo]

A concept as eclectic as it can get. Talk to a band about the concept of - nowadays - oldskool'ish mixtapes, ask them to select a bunch of songs and to put them in an order like that would be well fitting for a mixtape, a cassette with two different focuses, lets say side A keeping an eye on songs, side B keeping an eye on the dancefloor. Simple as that. Now have a five piece band doing this, with its members all having a different taste in music that sometimes is even well clashing with eachother. Calling this band Foals and letting them reflect on what they've been listening to while touring allover in an old van, driving from venue to venue, listening to a lot of - guess what? - tapes. Get a selection partly mixed, partly blended including the Plastic Reggae AfroPop of Condry Ziqubu's "Confusion (Ma Africa)" , the Skweee'ish aspects of Bibio's remix of Clark's "Ted", the totally spaced out DiscoPop of JR Seaton's "Way Savvy" remixed by Gatto Fritto, the AfroHouse trip that Carl Craig's rework of Tony Allen's "Kilode" is or the ultra-sexed, crooning ChicagoHouse of Arnold Jarvis "Take Some Time Out" to name just a few... This is what a proper mixtape should sound like, at least the one preferred by the open minded amongst us. And maybe this one is one of the best compilations these days when you're looking for something representing a broad variety of musical styles instead of being tunnel-focused on one particular micro-genre in electronic music. Also a good gift to a friend. The one you would've given a tape to like 20 years ago.


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