Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jay Zoney - Zulu Child EP [Super 6 Records 078.5]

New on Super 6 Records is Jay Zoney's "Zulu Child EP" , named after its first track which is a pumping, progressive TribalTechno piece of a slightly darker flavor with vocal samples of an ethnic / tribal origin, acidic bits and a massive bassline blowing the minds of punters into other realms. Sascha Müller's remix of this tune spreads out over more than 11 minutes and keeps the Tribal feel alive although the overall sound aesthetics are obviously rougher and not that streamlined, the tempo is faster, too, and the general feel more ravey and defo working huge spaces and large crowds right due to its ever changing trippyness and exaggerated use of 303-lines. Two more tracks are to be found here - "Time" and "Carrington", the first one starting out as dark, pumping Techno and transforms into an epic piece of Dark Trance with a HUGE breakdown that simply leaves me stunned as it seems to last for eternities until the pumping beats come back, causing a massive dancefloor craze whilst the second one is a psyched out Tribal / Prog fusion that could fairly accompany some dark'ish Horror flic with it's ever calling, whispering voices and spooky sounds.


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