Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sascha Müller - Booty Flop 1 [Pharmacom Records]

If you've been following these pages regularly you might have recognized Sascha Müller as not only a hyperactive producer but also as one who loves uber-limited releases and strange formats. And "Booty Flop 1" is a piece fitting into both categories as it is limited to ten - 10!!! - copies worldwide and released on hand numbered 3.5" computer discs for those who still are able to play music from this media. For freaks. Musicwise one track is to be found on this one, a lo-fi bootleg version of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" with a raw beat underneath, strange filter effects and a quite crunchy sound quality as if listening to music through an oldskool telephone receiver. Defo funny and unique. And hard to find as well... so if you're considering to get hold of this feel free to check our Q[e]M sales account at discogs which is your source for hard to find, highly limited or long gone items in fine unplayed quality.


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