Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lyrical Prophets

Inspired by twitter chat just going on with Brent of Aquasky discussing 90s Britcore and Hardcore HipHop which ended up in throwing names and links back and forth I've been just been scanning the internet for files of a German band named Lyrical Prophets which have been pioneering these sounds on Germany's most northern island Sylt throughout the mid 90s. Their full biography and all soundfiles can be found at the Underground United homepage and I decided to pick two of their songs I really like to represent their sound spectrum.

"Northside" is one of their faster joints and pretty close to the original Britcore feel whilst "Der Norden" is a slow, 808-driven HipHop jam, spit in German language and fueled with hatred and anger.

Please click the track names to listen to the tunes.


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