Thursday, November 15, 2012

baze.djunkiii Charts 11/2012

01. Rangleklods - Beekeeper + Home EP [Schoenwetter Schallplatten]
Without any doubt this one is gonna be the album of the year if not even the decade and I'm eternally grateful that my friend Lilly introduced the music of Rangleklods to me after she saw them supporting WhoMadeWho in Hamburg. A perfect mixture of Indie and the sweet melancholia of SynthPop, tasteful harmonies and one HUGE song following up another, the best songwriting I've come across in ages  and they're even managing to branch out into what might be named Alternative Country in one song without any weakness. In ten years this piece shall be mentioned alongside great albums like Depeche Mode's "Violator" and Rangleklods shall play large stadium shows by then. The future is Danish.

02. Global Goon - Plastic Orchestra [030303]
What a sweet surprise this album is. The friendliest and most cuddly Electronica album released in ages that somehow reminds me of the late 90s when quite a lot of releases were experimental but playful and embracing and one could see loads of not well known but still interesting live acts popping up for a live show in underground venues like Golden Pudel Club, Astrastube or Tempelhof (R.I.P.) in Hamburg nearly every week. And although these days have gone it's good to know that there's still someone out there who cares and is able to deliver a heartwarming album like "Plastic Orchestra" in these cold trouble times. And talking the title "Plastic Orchestra" - some tunes really sound like if they were recorded with the help of sweet plastic synthesizers or tiny toy instruments which is pretty charming to be honest.

03. Tod Dockstader - Recorded Music For Film, Radio & Television: Electronic Vol. 1 [Mordant Music 054]
After literally ages of passing on every Mordant Music release this one is the first release after the label put Shackletons "El Din (Part One) / Olde Wobbly" in 2008 I really dig. Re-releases for a proper reason are always appreciated and regarding the fact that Tod Dockstader produced these 23 ProtoAmbient sketches back in 1979 - the year of the original release - or even earlier "Recorded Music For Film, Radio & Television: Electronic Vol. 1" is quite a fascinating album and recommended to those who love the synth / electronic sound effects used in films like John Carpenters "Dark Star" and other old sci-fi flics.

04. Tropic Of Cancer - Permissions Of Love [Mannequin Records]
It's no big secret that - since the discovery of their "Be Brave" 10" - Tropic Of Cancer are one of these bands that I feel the urge to check out immediately every time they release something new. And although this EP was defo overpriced these three tracks of stoic EchoWave have been worth every buck. "Beneath The Light" even takes their music in a new, slightly romantic and more accessible direction, turning its head away from the dark feelings and possibly feeds all ChillWave-lovers out there.

05. Chromatics - Into The Black [Italians Do It Better]
Actually I'm still waiting for the whole album named "Kill For Love" to grow on me as I've been purchasing this one for the great cover of Neil Youngs "Into The Black" only which is giving me the goosebumps each and every time I listen to it. Unfortunately "Into The Black" is the first track on the album so it's getting hard for the other still okay songs to break through.

06. Bears. - I Was A Good Hunter Until That Day [Voluntary Whores 001 Promo]
Check review for details...

07. Robert Hood - Motor: Nighttime World 3 [Music Man]
Much has been written on this album and whoever does not refer to "Motor: Nighttime World 3" as a true masterpiece is nothing but wrong. Although I've gotta admit that the magic wasn't too obvious and it took a few listening sessions for me to really embrace the deep vibes of Ambient, Intelligent and of course Detroit Techno the minimal master is spreading out on this triple vinyl box set but it turned out to be what's usually called a grower and is soon to be called a classic. Essential.

08. Etat Brut - Mutations Et Protheses [Sub Rosa 357]
Originally released in back in 1981 on cassette tape the Belgium-based Sub Rosa-imprint brings back a classic piece of Noise and echo-driven Industrial music that includes some surprisingly deep, funky and hell of sexy live bass workouts that make "Mutations Et Protheses" an outstanding and unique album compared to other Industrial works of that early era. Non-Music with an attitude.

09. David Lynch feat. Karen O - Pinky's Dream *Trentemöller & Visionquest Remixes  [Sunday Best Recordings]
Two remixes for what's maybe the most accessible track on David Lynchs recent "Crazy Clown Time" album that still is nothing but great. Whilst Anders Trentemöller comes up with a spooky and quite stripped down, bass-driven uptempo ElectroWave excess of a remix that's about to tear up all Wave and Goth floors around the world the version provided by Visionquest is slowing down a bit, getting on the desperate and slightly ChillWave-influenced side of things with a sweet but dark'ish HeroineHouse approach unveiling loads of echoes and a nice tip of bleepy Acid showing off after the first 2 or 3 minutes.

10. Parris Mitchell presents Life In The Underground [Ghetto House Classics 001]
Originally released in 1994 through the legendary Chicago Basement-imprint Dance Mania this re-release of Parris Mitchell's "Life In The Underground" album is crossing over between the classic dry GhettoHouse style that built the original foundation of what's now popular as Juke and Footwork but serves some classic House pieces as well, even some looped sax licks and short vocal snippets are to be found here that might be more appealing to the classic House crew of today. Rumours have it that this one has been remastered from the original DAT and that Parris Mitchell even officially approved of the re-release. No matter what if the Ghetto House Classics-imprint really is meant to bring more classic cuts back I'd be totally up for it. "Can't stand the bass - take your dead ass home...". Indeed.


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