Sunday, November 11, 2012

Martin Landsky - 1000 Miles *The Remixes [Poker Flat Classics 002 Promo]

Six years after its original release Poker Flat Classics is bringing back Martin Landsky's enormous "1000 Miles" to the clubs and venues of the world but instead of going down the easy road that a simple re-release would be they cater two new reworks by noone less than French Techno and beyond ambassador Laurent Garnier and Dutch long term activist Gerd which is well-known for working on the forefront of electronic music ever since with a first release back dating back to 1994 on Brave New World Records. Whilst Mr. Garnier - as somehow expected - serves a Paris-Detroit connected rework with a decent flow in minor pitch, working floors right but spreading a certain deepness and floating melancholia that proves his deep felt love for the motor city roots Gerds remix is more of a lively kind with its dry pumping House beats, sprouting claps and ever busy bass tones accompanied by a climaxing, acidic signal and raw drum wizardry including ecstatic drum rolls and a proper prime time feel catching up with all the oldskool ravers out there. A classic is a classic and these mixes will be referred to as such within shortest of time. Large.  


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