Thursday, December 20, 2012

Young Fathers - Tape One [Anticon. 132 Promo]

Scheduled for February 15th is the first Anticon.-released album of the Edinburgh-based HipHop-triplet named Young Fathers which are squeezing a whole lot of eight tracks into their only 20 minutes long "Tape One" which stretches the extended borders of HipHop even further and provides a seductive fusion that's to be filed under the flag of ElectroRap but includes traditional African chants and drum rhythms as well as anthemic hooks borrowed from IndieRock. Saying that one cannot unhear a tense Grime-related feel in a tune like "Rumbling", the heavily sampling / collage based aesthetics embossed by the Beastie Boys or influences from Reggaes soundsystem culture and way more but still Young Fathers manage to serve a quite coherent album with "Tape One", proving that proper HipHop is still around somewhere. If you've loved Two Fingers' Big Dada debut single "What You Know" featuring Sway on vocal duties back in 2009 and still refer to it as the best Two Fingers release ever you'll be gladly adding "Tape One"  to your collection as well. Recommended.


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