Wednesday, December 19, 2012

baze.djunkiii Charts 12/2012

01. Fraktus - Millenium Edition [Staatsakt]
Without any doubt Fraktus are one of the most fascinating pop phenomenons of today. Made up heroes that never existed for real but still are idolized by the likes of Westbam, Marusha, Scooter and even Yello in a cinematic mockumentary and it won't be long until they'll be hailed as urban legends and oldschool heroes by generations too young to know what really happened throughout the late 70s / early 80s musically, a period that's perfectly emulated on "Millenium Edition". For fans of German New - , Synth- and Minimal Wave, the grey concrete walls of the 80s Berlin as well as proper Dadaism when it comes to lines like "Lady Godiva, dein Pferd ist müde." or "Fang den Fuchs. Da ist der Fuchs." Essential.

02. The Bug - Ganja Baby / Diss Mi Army [Acid Ragga 002]
Kevin Martin recently launched his own Acid Ragga-imprint in cooperation with Ninja Tune and this is the second shot, a thrilling yellow vinyl 7" piece on the borderline of Dance- and Speedhall with vocals served by Miss Red and Daddy Freddy. Heavy, compressed electronic riddims for the hardcore-loving yardies and everyone else on the floor.

03. Tiger Fingers - Little Drummer Girl [Hafendisko 004 Promo]
See review for details...

04. Martin Landsky - 1000 Miles *The Remixes [Poker Flat Classics 002 Promo]
See review for details...

05. Black Gold 12" [Tru Thoughts 247P]
Tru Thoughts are hitting dancefloors hard with this three track various artists 12" that's to be regarded as one of the essential releases on the circuit these days. Sleepin' Giantz and The Colonel & MC DRS are exploring musical realms in between Broken House, UK Funky and Future Garage with well pumping vocal tunes that will be loved by everyone plus all of them Grime and Sublow headz out there as well whilst Cottam fuses latines'que House with ever building layers of sound and deep, modulating basslines influenced by the UK Bass scene.

06. Pixelord - Supaplex EP [Civil Music]
The Russia-based Alexey Devyanin a.k.a. Pixelord caters a sweet four tracker with this one, focusing on a ravey view on the recent Footwork / Electro sound that's reworked with a special twist here. Especially "Been Lookin" is a remarkable anthem built of hyperspeed beats, warm but still techy tones, 8bit bleeps, sweet vocals and an overwhelmingly warm bassline whilst "Freeze The Star" on A2 is more of a sci-fi gangster tune. "Paperball" on B1 fuses haunting athmospheres with a dancefloor smashing Dubstep / Juke hybrid built around layered, vary-speed vocal snippets and the closing tune "Vibrate" finally deals with a 4/4 sub skeleton accompanied by clattering beats and tense overall feel. Get.

07. Alex Cortex - Live At Monox [MNX]
Whenever it comes to Alex Cortex it seems like his live recordings are most appealing to me and this is what goes for this limited to 300 piece as well serving stripped down, distinct and puristic live Techno visions similar to the cristalline feel of early Sleeparchive releases - especially talking the A side here whilst the two flip outtakes turn out as raw mindbending Techno and reduced but functional Acid. All three tunes to be found on this one are taken from a show played at Soundhaus / Glasgow, released as 12" that comes as stamped white label with a printed plastic foil inlay.

08. Grossstadtlichter *Kinky Lovers Edit [Creme Jak 014]
This one's nothing but a banger bootlegging / editing Juliane Werdings song "Grossstadtlichter" in a uber-ecstatitc, ambitious DiscoHouse manner. Kinda reminds me of the amped energy provided by FrenchHouse ambassadors like Thomas Bangalter, Alan Braxe or labels like Roule or Crydamoure combined with Julianes seductive but despairing voice.

09. Morphy & The Untouchables / Flatliners [45Seven 001]
Morphy & The Untouchables "Tread This Land" is a dark'ish and tense Dubstep workout with an ancient, tribal MythStep-related feel that will be appreciated by fans of Shackletons Skull Disco imprint for sure whilst Flatliners are flirting with classic Dub vibes on "Raw Fi Dub". Recommended.

10. Steve Bug & Mr. V - The Long Run [Dessous Recordings 111 Promo]
See review for details...


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