Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dear Alex Jukes of Jukebox PR...

... it's been more than two years now since I received your first promotional mailout announcing some kind of festival / event or whatever and as I'm not a friend of email newsletters - especially those I never ever requested to receive - I was looking for an opt-out possibility in your mail which I didn't find. So I sent out an "UNSUBSCRIBE" request - without any reaction. I was still getting your mailouts, no matter how hard I tried to get rid of them.

It was only until a few months ago since I got the first reply from you, apologizing for the inconvenience and promising to remove my adress from your mailing list. But still, nothing happened. I'm still getting your mailouts and whenever I'm getting back at you for being removed you tell me that you don't know what went wrong, again and again.

I know that life's a bitch and being a promoter is hard work today but if you don't know how to handle your email program right and how to remove an adress from your list I guess it's time for you to think about if you're the right guy for a job like this. What you do is not promotion but called spam and I'm not sure whether your clients would be too happy to read about your methods of operation which make sure that someone will not write about their events just because they're promoted via Jukebox PR.

Once again - please remove me from your mailing list. Thx.


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