Thursday, January 17, 2013

Kasper Bjørke with Jacob Bellens - Sunrise [HFN Music 024 Promo]

Coming soon via the Hamburg-based HFN Music-imprint is "Sunrise", the latest and last single taken off Kasper Bjørke's recent album "Fool", once spreading warm and summerly vibes on a cold winters day, rolling out the ultra positive vocal attitude of Jacob Bellens of Murder- and I Got You On Tape-fame on top of a solid Kraut- vs. ItaloDisco foundation that clearly combines the best of worlds whilst Slow Hands are providing a stripped down, partly creepy but well contrasting mixture of piano-driven SloHouse / SnoreHouse even including chilled balearic guitars and heavily processed syrinx tones topped with raw and oddly processed vocals able to give me shivers due to their strange but seductive and defo previously unheard timbre. Furthermore we'll find Yuksek on remix (and dub) duties serving a slightly more powerful relick with large effective breakdowns and a proper slice of uplifting Italian cheese and an alternative version produced by Kasper Bjørke himself, emphasizing on a more moody, KrautDisco-driven feel and the spooky metallic snare drum work hitting hard like lashes, keeping the floor busy when lo-fi, minor tuned synths are taking over until the sun rises again. You need to like this. 


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