Thursday, March 14, 2013

First We Must Deal With The Light Of Nature And Then With Decency - Eating Cum Is Safer Than Fucking Jesus In The Ass [Voluntary Whores 005 Promo]

What a name. And what a release. A pink - yes, girly fucking pink - cassette tape with homosexual Jesus artwork and free pope crowned-condom that was used (or not ?) for things noone ever wants to think about. This alone might be too much for many people but those who're able to stand the artwork and title will be pretty annoyed by the non-music contained on the fifth of the Voluntary Whores label which can be described as an evil, overly destructive maelstrom made of distortion, high frequency feedbacks plus a whole lot of Harsh- and HateNoize that is not - and I repeat myself here: NOT - to be played out to minors or other instable characters or those suffering from any kind of psychic disease. And this is although the untitled B-side excess holds some funny or at least humorous moments when high frequency feedbacks sound like tortured and whining glove puppets or absurd marionettes like beaker from Sesame's Street. Limited to 50 copies worldwide. For a reason.


Blogger runego8676 said...

"tortured and whining glove puppets" > schönes bild :)

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