Monday, March 11, 2013

Sascha Müller [Super 6 Records Extra 004]

Recently released via Super 6 Records is Sascha Müller latest self-titled tape release and once again we're taken on journey through the full spectrum of electronic music starting with the deep Electronica-piece "Zeitsprung" to simplistic technoid sketches built on a foundation of clunky bassdrums that seem to hail from a different era when just a few raw loops were enough to make so-called Techno and even those skeletal layouts seemed to be shocking for people only used to song structures the rising scene tried to overcome. Sounds like someone rediscovered a fistful of lost and pretty harmless demo tracks from these early day, some of them weird, some of them carrying a certain deepness and sweet ideas, some trying to move the dancefloor with a trancey appeal and compiled them for this one before the original DATs derelict. For die-hard fans only that like the dry aesthetics of Steve Stoll's former Datacloud alias and similar releases. 


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