Saturday, February 23, 2013

Focus On: Daniel Dexter [Poker Flat Recordings Promo]

Another one scheduled for March 2013 is the next part of Poker Flat's "Focus On"-series, this time focussing on the works of Daniel Dexter and featuring tracks from previous single releases like "Storm" or "No House For Old Men" alongside two remix works provided for Gender Bombs and Zombie Disco Squad but - in difference to its prequels in the series - clearly emphasizes on new and unreleased material. So "Focus On Daniel Dexter" is more of a real artist album than a showcase of past works, released as 2x12" vinyl and in CD format physically. As we're talking the CD here it's not a track by track-selection but built and arranged like a energy driven DJ-mix that comes to a first climax after less then 10 minutes when the anthemic "Night Away feat. Geraldine Roth" kicks in and proves that strong female vocals and an effective loop running in circles are just the right ingredients to create a banger - "Night Away" is nothing short of a sex track, a sonic equivalent to a pheromone overdose. And so are a lot of the thirteen tracks here as Daniel Dexter seems to have a thing for seductive basslines, simple but strong melody hooks, 'troity strings and functional stabs made for primetime abuse. This is what DJ's love about his productions and a simple female "Hey..." added to this fusion like in the raving "Raw Land" makes a big difference, transforming a very good track into a huge one. Or a classic if the producer picks the right vocalists for adding an extra bit to his own work which Mr. Dexter does a lot whilst pushing Vocal (Tech)House to the next level with his first longplay assault. Massive.       


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