Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Joasihno - A Lie [Alien Transistor Promo]

Scheduled for April 5th via Alien Transistor is "A Lie", the second full length album by Christoph Beck and Nico Sierig a.k.a. Joasihno which are following the paths of positive LoFi here, referring to intimate Indie and Folk ambitions and carrying echoes of Post- and PostPostRock within their music. All ten tracks are filled with a playful, but never naive joy that pretty much feels like a late warm summer afternoon hanging out with your favorite folks, sitting in the sun, having long chats and a pretty good, relaxing time that seems to last forever and a day. These are the days you'll be remembering all your life and you'll be looking back to forever and whenever you do you gonna be hearing a track light "Some Light" or "Black Holes And White Noises" somewhere in your head. Melancholia will hit and makes you searching your shelves for this album again. Because it's a good one.


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