Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Les Clochards Du Monde - Etape [Major Label 057]

Coming soon on the little big Major Label is a limited to 100 copies 12" release recorded and produced by Les Clochards Du Monde which are catering two deep PostRock-influenced instrumental tracks on the A-side living by a continous change and will to break up their own structures, changing from nearly Flamenco'esque guitars into distorted, feedback-driven ones in "Distance" whilst "Beyond Three Minutes" fuses film noir-influenced sections with ritual drum excesses, crime scenes and ancient tribalisms merged into a furious but still pacifying race of thrilling effect that gets even more intense when the record flips and the title track continues this race but adds more Funk and a deeper thrill due to what might be named Rap or ffwd Spoken Word stylewise but isn't lyrically, just another but very important layer of instrumentation. Is this the new Jazz for the dark minded? "Porn" is the answer and the answer is yes. 


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