Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rudelbumsführer Alois Glotz - Das Privileg Des Bessergestellten [Voluntary Whores 006 Promo]

Started not that long ago the Voluntary Whores-imprint already developed into one of the most reliable providers of EEM - Experimental Electronics Music that is - hailing from Germany, releasing quality art tapes in regular intervals of only a few weeks in between. After their latest HateNoize excess the label is ready to serve some deeper stuff again that - although Noize is still involved here - consists more of cold spiralling, dense monodrones, volume changes,  knob and filter fiddling leading to feedbacks and flickering, sci-fi'esque effects, static low level noises, and a very diy-homerecording approach that will be loved by all supporters of the true underground, bedroom mailorders and hand copied fanzines with roots in the Industrial culture. And whoever the man behind Rudelbumsführer Alois Glotz is - he needs to be shot for that silly name. Soon.


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