Friday, March 29, 2013

Sascha Müller - Home [Pharmacom Records]

The ever productive studio addict named Sascha Müller is back on his own Pharmacom Records with his album release number... nobody really knows the exact number but I presume he hits the 80+ full length album mark with this one. But who cares about numbers despite when it comes to limitations as there are are only 20 copies of this CDr piece available worldwide although in a better world an album like this should be appreciated by more than such a limited amount of listeners. No matter if its friendly Electronica ("Watch This Space"), contemplative Deep Listening ("Listen To Your Inner Voice"), nearly beatless dancefloor fillers ("Das Lebende Ziel Der Zeit") or classic Ambient ("Blue Sky") that's floating through your speakers, each and every track featured on this album is a true masterpiece in its own right, serving nothing but calm, timeless musical beauty and embracing sonic structures that need to be heard all over the planet and would've been well fitting on a groundbreaking label like Warp back in the early 90s. Get this.


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