Friday, May 31, 2013

Foremost Poets - Reasons To Be Dismal? [Poker Flat Recordings 139 Promo]

Every once in a while Steve Bug picks one of his alltime favorite tracks and re-releases it with new mixes through one of his labels and usually this re-cuts are top notch. This time it's Foremost Poets 1990 Nu Groove classic "Reasons To Be Dismal?" that's put on the circuit again via Poker Flat Recordings - a track that seems to never ever leave Mr. Brügesch's box for a reason and it's understood that these new reworks are as thrilling as the original cut and solid as granite rocks. The proper uplift is provided by first league producers like Dixon or Motorcitysoul and - as one can easily guess - the labels main head Steve Bug provides one of his very special reworks that are a more like classic re-edits working with the original source sounds and rearranging parts like it was done in the good old days instead of adding lots of own, new material to a track that is close to perfection anyway. Keeping it classic and still updating things properly - this is how we like and it's pretty obvious that "Reasons To Be Dismal?" is, no matter if original or remix, here to last another two decades minimum which is a mighty long time in nightlife and club culture.


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