Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Daniel Dexter - Focus On Remixes [Poker Flat Recordings 140 Promo]

Fresh from the pressing plant and ready for release via Poker Flat Recordings is the labels 140 which is focusing on four remixes crafted for Daniel Dexter's heavy duty debut album released earlier this year. Coming up with remixes for tracks that are smoking hot in their original version is hard to do and surely a tough task so none of the remixes provided by the likes of Uner, David Keno, Ian Pooley or Kollektiv Turmstrasse are really able to beat the magic of  killer tracks like "Why So Serious?", "Storm" and "Night Away" featuring the seductive vocals of Geraldine Roth with it's sparkling high voltage energy. And it seems like the remixers do know that so at least three out of for take the chance to serve decent alternative cuts that easily groove along throughout deeper post climax sessions or vibrating open air sets so this 12" might appeal to a slightly different audience than Daniel Dexter's usually more dark'ish and moody releases. The ones who don't get the point at all are the totally overrated guys named Kollektiv Turmstrasse who drift along a muffled bass figure, uninspired drum, wannabe Chitown claps and even some preset sirens, creating a song of their own without caring much about the original tune. Do not try this remix first - stick to the rest for a better impression. 


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