Friday, June 21, 2013

NRFB - Trüffelbürste [Major Label / Staatsakt Promo]

Nearly two years after the release of its self-titled debut the Jens Rachut- and Mense Reents-lead band / project NRFB is back with a second strike, this time released as collaborational joint of Major Label and Staatakt. What's obvious in comparison to their first longplay outing is the fact that the bands musical approach has changed rapidly from the raw, aggressive ElectroPunk of "Nuclear Raped Fuck Bomb" to a more introvert, grey-scaled and melancholia-infused attitude served by "Trüffelbürste" as their recent album is named. Calling songs like "Schatten Aus Gold" or "Hälfte Des Gehirns" tender and romantic would be too much for a reason but at least their feel is more intimate, close up and possibly comparable to Fehlfarben's 2002-released "Knietief Im Dispo" when it comes to an overall athmosphere of resignation and despair that even touches the Krautrock-referring intrumental cut "Zoo Im Krieg" which makes me think of "Trüffelbürste" as an essential re-listening piece when fall and fog immerse the country in fuzzy flares again.


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