Thursday, July 18, 2013

baze.djunkiii Charts 07/2013

01. Depeche Mode - Soothe My Soul [Columbia Records / Mute]
What a blast this single is. The more I listen to anything taken from Depeche Mode's recent album "Delta Machine" the more I start to embrace it and that's exactly what I presumed when I purchased their latest longplay effort. With this 12" they find themselves remixed by the likes of Steve Angello vs. Jacques Lu Cont, Gregor Tresher, Destructo and Matador - all of them not my very favorite or most trusted producers of the moment but the way how they manage to create pure uplifting - and partly ElectroHouse - anthems out of the given source material is nothing but top notch. A killer single for primetime dancefloor situations when the beat just goes booom.

02. Jean Bruce / Minimum Syndicat - Rave Gener8tor EP [Nocturbulous Records]
It's 1991 again, folks. The ultimate oldskool Rave & UK Hardcore emulating 12" EP of the month is served by french underground activists Jean Bruce & Minimum Syndicat who perfectly recreate big room killing hoover signals, raw unprocessed breakbeats and other essential classic ingredients for the 'ardcore glowstick posse. Plus: Mark Archer of Altern8, Bizarre Inc and Nexus 21 fame is at the controls for a remix and he's still able to rock 'em ravers after all these years. Great.

03. Thomas Manegold featuring Lisa Morgenstern - Vorgespräch Mit Goth [Edition Subkultur]
See review for details...

04. Aksutique - Notch Fields EP [Diametric. 016 Whitelabel]
If you're up for the deep and dubby this one might be well appealing to you. On the circuit as hand-numbered and limited to 300 pressing and even way more limited whitelabel testpress Aksutique's "Notch Field EP" explores the border of Deep Listening Electronica, Ambient soundscapes and calm background emmissions floating away like a warm, ever-embracing ocean. Four tracks on this 12" which is highly recommended to all Ambient headz and lovers of Stefan Betke a.k.a. Pole's early works worldwide. Plus: to all fans of Arne Weinberg as he serves a secret remix under his Valanx-moniker here.

05. Eshu - Bromine [Space Promo]
As functional as functional can get. The quadruple pack of Roger Gerressen, Jocelyn Abell, Ivano Tetelepta and Daniel Lekatompessy serves Techno and subaquatic Minimalism in it's most pure, essential and stripped down form. Limited edition pressing on clear vinyl and a must have piece for all Techno heads.

06. Various Artists - Antime v2 [Antime 001 Promo]
See review for details...

07. Various Artists - Works [Kiosk Records]
Massive thing. The french label Kiosk Records which is well known for it's quite eclectic and leftfield release politics within a musical range from early Mutant HipHop to Glitch, Ambient or Dubstep including explorations of uptempo Drum'n'Bass patterns releases it's very first full length various artists album that is meant to turn some heads around as it - apart from one DarkJungle tune - fully focuses on Juke and Footwork. With tunes by scene greats as Traxman with his massive "Were Your Gone Rune Too" as well as ultimate sex tracks from the studios of Pushy!, Likhan, Synaptic, heavy RaveJuke attempts from the likes of K.Gol & Wheel and a baaad ass hit by Leatherface named "C And C" (read c's as crack and cocaine) "Works" is surely the best Juke / Footwork compilation out on vinyl to date. You need this if you love your 808 bass right.

08. The Analog Roland Orchestra - Patterns 1 / 2 [Rotary Cocktail Recordings Promo]
More DubTechno, this time paired with quite uplifting and (Neo)Trance-related, squeezed and filtered synth sequences to be found in "Pattern Two" whilst "Pattern One" rides a similar vibe but is one a more 'troity tip. Recommended and well good.

09. Krumble - Friends And Enemies / Waterman [Jungle Therapy Ltd. 02]
Well, as someone who left the Drum'n'Bass DJ circuit some years ago it's quite rare to find any 12" in that genre at all giving you thrills again but the french man they call  Krumble is one of these fellas able to squeeze all the experimentation, darkness and pure evil into a single track that I loved so much when I was spinning that stuff years ago. With both tracks I can literally see and feel the ultimate destruction and mayhem they'll cause on the floor - "Waterman" through it's ultracompressed hate and will to kill whilst "Friends And Enemies" abuses the beloved vocal sample taken from the Norman Cook-classic "Dub Be Good To Me" and transfers it to a sweet stepping anthem with massive amen brockouts. Essential.

10. Hydergine [Separate Skills 006 Testpress]
Two pieces of straight, classic DubTechno on a stickered whitelabel. Nuff has been said about that style that creates some deep, embracing and floating magick off a few, only slightly changing ingredients since 20 years now and this 12" exactly meets that timeless attitude. Good stuff is good. You can't prove me wrong.


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