Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Antime v2 [Antime 001]

New labels are launched everyday. Especially in Berlin and everywhere else. But this one named Antime - speak: "anti me" - caught our attention not only for its great trippy artwork and for being launched by Martin Steer, founding member of Midimum and our long time ElectroPunk friends Frittenbude but also for carving out a sweet little musical niche of its own with the first release which is available as six track vinyl 12" with a bonus digital download code for fourteen more tracks. Referring to styles like the most beautiful (Neo)Cosmic, Slow- and AmbientHouse with glitches into the realms of Electronica and Future Garage we see a proper six pack of artists doing their thing here including the mentioned Midimum, Abigail, Sebastian Dali, Owlet, Andreas Buchner and Frittenbude-member Jakob Häglsperger as Kalipo, all of them serving great - and partly epic - tracks for the advanced dancefloor. Especially "Junk Beach" with its huge bell motif and raw bassline power is to be regarded as massive (Neo)Trance reminiscing late night hit whilst the deep, melancholia driven BrokenBeat of "Elevator" is nothing short of that for the Future Garage posse. "Lady Marian" plays around with jazzy piano licks and a proper fat ass Crime Scene Funk feel before "DA 14" takes us on a positive Marimba'esque LowStep ride that has something of a Steve Reich-related vibe and athmosphere to me. The "Lightning" brings in a kind of audio sunrise with stuttering beats and an ever embracing bassline before the final cut "The Tribute" takes us to the land of blooming analogue synthesizers and slowly but steadily evolving motifs on of deep, 808 driven structures that do appeal to Dubstep lovers as well as to friends of Armchair Listening and other Advanced Electronics. With all this varying styles under one roof it seems like the future's bright for the relatively fresh Antime label and there's huge things to come when the first of its artists are coming up with their first solo records. Recommended for a reason.


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