Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sascha Müller [Super 6 Records Extra 006]

Due to a shitload of work this untitled,  April 2013-released album of what's maybe the world's most productive electronic music composer ever eventually got lost under an ever - and faster than ever - growing pile of promos sitting on our desk but is without a doubt one that no digital buying Techno fan should miss. A fine collection of twelve real bangers which are reminding me of good old Tresor days when producers like Cisco Ferreira, Robert Hood or Mark Broom rocked the world with their ultra dry and functional, signal-driven and ever climaxing high speed tunes. Despite this musical focus Mr. Müller also serves a nice, nearly 10 minutes long exploration of bleepy, electroid realms named "First Pictures From The Moon", a deep minimalistic Techno workout with a seductively filtered, ever repeating male vox evoking the timeless Techno voodoo formula "Let The Music Take Control" and a sweet, tribalistic drum excess named "Load That Weapon" which is defo made for high voltage sets only and so is the screeching Acid excess of "Voltage Level". Quality gem - get. 


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