Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thomas Manegold featuring Lisa Morgenstern - Vorgespräch Mit Goth [Edition Subkultur]

As clearly stated before I - musically, that is - fell in love with the amazing on stage talent of  Lisa Morgenstern and I'm thrilled to announce that three of her songs are available now for a wider audience via Edition Subkultur which recently released a conjunctional work of hers with Thomas Manegold. Named "Vorgespräche Mit Goth" this 64 pages book plus CD was released on the occasion of this years WGT festival and features three stunning piano-based, previously unreleased songs by this shining female lyricist alongside new short stories written by the author. Besides "Kannibalische Gourmet" and "Lieber Tod" which have already been introduced videowise to the readers of these pages in April the new piece "Eskalation" perfectly complements the depths, sorrow, melancholia and deep despair mixed up with a little bit of frenzy unveiled by her unique amalgamation of theatrical chanson and dark sonnet that ultimately touches my heart whenever it's on.

Plus - rumours have it that there's more to come soon as Lisa Morgenstern seems to be working on her debut album these days which is highly anticipated and already lined up as one of the most important and thrilling albums of the year.


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