Friday, July 26, 2013

Christine Nogociella - Dierows / Virgin / Seams [A86.H]

One of the more mysterious and puzzling submissions that has been sitting in my P.O. box  recently is this triple pack of cassette tapes. Stamped with the file number "A86.H / Christine Nogociella" and a warning coming from the offices of the Department Of Defense / Defensive Investigative Service and stickered each with one of the single words that are mentioned as title there's absolutely no clue who has sent them and what's their origin. Curious and ready to spend a bit of time to go through these the "Dierows" tape comes along as a deep floating piece of calming Ambient music with a few - possibly illegaly - field recorded passages of radio communication and some cold, alienating layers of sound that are completely non-manmade and well irritating. Whatever has created these sections you do not want to meet it - neither in the dark nor during daytimes. Same goes for the flipside of "Dierows" which appears to me more moody and threatening although it does not deal with sounds that are obviously harsher than the ones used on the first one. And quite surprisingly the B side stops in what sees to be the middle of the recording which makes the all over feel even more uncomfortable. Continuing the journey with the "Seams" tape we find ourselves delving deep into the world of dark'ish, but not necessarily evil, dronescapes that will be well-appealing to all those in love with the sound of the semi-legendary Kallabris project and it's tales of oceanic, sorrow-driven beauty which are - as the well-aware listener recognized years ago - mostly tales of war, especially of it's death and catastrophes in minor key. When it comes to the second side of "Seams"  also written with an ear for the ultra low frequencies as steady sub bass pulses cause heavy eardrum and gut vibration underneath a floating Ambient'ish soundscape. Finally the "Virgin" tape takes care of warm droning and an embracing overall athmosphere that's slow near to static - like watching evolutionary progress in realtime. One can't really tell how long this tape is as it really takes you out of your everyday space-time matrix and catapults you into spheres beyond all that. It just sucks you in to another realm and no matter what that D.O.D. / D.I.S. warning is all about - maybe these time altering frequencies are referred to as future weapon -  if you're a true Ambient / Drone head you better go and try to hunt this triplet down for a reason.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you have some info (link site) for this artist? thanks a lot

1:11 PM  
Blogger baze.djunkiii said...

actually not an artist site but cristine nogociella has been releasing on a label called voluntary whores prior to this triple

4:12 PM  

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