Monday, July 22, 2013

Aniyo Kore - Y [Et Voila]

On the circuit for quite a few weeks now is "Y" the second longplay album of the highly admirable saviours of vocal-driven TripHop / Downbeat named [aniYo kore] which was already pre-announced in February on these pages. And once again - although they seem to include a little more of a Folk-related, intimate feel here which may be caused by their special use of bass & guitars here  - they're totally keeping a touching balance of fragile vocal efforts telling tales of love and sorrow, story-accomplishing sample wizzardry, special underwater-sounding sonic fragments and structures alongside a little more dancefloor focusing beats compared to their debut longplayer and pieces that surely make your head nod heavily within the shortest of time. I guess I've said that before and I'll keep repeating - [aniYo kore] are here to outplay bands like the allover appreciated Portishead for a reason. Deep. And recommended for sure, especially for breathtaking songs like "Remedy" or the killer dope HipHop-beats featured on "Praise Him" featuring Bedlam Mind.


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