Thursday, June 27, 2013

Flutwacht - Leichenlandschaft [Voluntary Whores 008 Promo]

Freshly released via the Mettmann-based cassette imprint Voluntary Whores is the latest release of the Noise / Drone project Flutwacht which caters a bunch of eleven untitled tracks here, stretching out over the full length of 100 minutes on their album "Leichenlandschaft" which might be roughly translated as "Corpsescape" / "Landscape Of Dead Bodies".  And what sounds like a dark title is one indeed - but a well fitting one for the 'marish, overly oppressive sonic scenario that's surely made to dispunge any positive feelings within a miles radius. With a obvious lack of high frequencies and a focus on rhythmically monotonous pulses within the low mid to sub frequent spectrum the overall athmosphere presented on "Leichenlandschaft" can be described a grinding, hypnotic and defo post-apocalyptic with the screaming silence of Stalingrad's WW2 killing fields or the striking tranquility covering the dusted fragments of Nagasaki or Hiroshima only seconds after the nuclear wipe-out. This sounds depress- and disturbing but that's how it is when despair has gone and one lives its life based on greyscales. And if you like this you're well likely to do so. I do.


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