Monday, July 01, 2013

Sascha Müller - Psycho Traxxx [Psychocandies 018]

A bit of an early bird review this is as this one is yet scheduled for October but as Sascha Müller serves some great work again it's pretty obvious that we must unveil this four track piece and we promise that this is not a spoiler. What you get here are some super dry pieces of psyched out Acid variations with jumping, quite uplifting beats and great echo manipulations as in "Manuelle Geräusch Therapie", ultra precise and highly compressed drum assaults in combination with a kind of laughing signal and hammering snare shots like "Das Lachende Auge" caters as well as phonky bassline workouts with ever spiralling 303 toppings or stunning,  Motor City-reminiscing re-interpretations of Minimal Techno themes. Getting the point? You need this.


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