Friday, August 02, 2013

Alex Niggemann - Tangram [Poker Flat Recordings 141 Promo]

Mr. Alex Niggemann kills dances once again with his new and forthcoming Poker Flat Recordings 12" named "Tangram" which is to be on the vinyl circuit within the next weeks. With the title track served in two different versions - "Tangram (The Bright End)" / "Tangram (The Dark End)" - he takes us on a journey into the realms of uplifting, melodic TechHouse that even touches the borders of (Neo)Trance with it's epic, layered strings and happy feel. Quite an usual vibe for Poker Flat these days but defo a good one. The additional "Maze" on B2 finally cuts back to the original label sound with a decent bass groove and sparse arrangements referring to the so-called Minimal Funk with sweet reverbs, a reduced but killer hook and some weird, quirky and partially spooky lo-fi sounds like the ones you'll find im old sci-fi flics scattered all over the place. Top notch 12" and the best color choice for a label print I've seen in ages. Cold.


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