Friday, August 23, 2013

Out now >> Trennlinie Zwischen Gesten #2

Trennline Zwischen Gesten #2

Issue #2 of the Munich-based DIY- / dada- / art- & fanzine Trennlinie Zwischen Gesten has been put on the circuit just a few days ago as a limited print run of 50 copies worldwide including a very special tape recording of Elias Goldmann. It's the first issue baze.djunkiii has been contributing to as well - you'll find some really bad ass, hardcore hating record reviews and a bit of lyrical work, too, which means a formerly unreleased Untitled Fragment written back in 2007 - now available to the worlds readers for the first time. Or well, at least to 50 of them.

Issue #2 is again distributed via irregular channels and will be available via Shhhhop soon...


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