Saturday, August 24, 2013

Petar Dundov - Sailing Off The Grid [Music Man Promo]

Forthcoming via the legendary Belgian Music Man Records is Petar Dundov's third full length album named "Sailing Off The Grid" - an eight track piece that is to be referred to as - although more dancefloor and beat driven than it's predecessors Mr. Dundov's most synth- and balearia-flavored longplay piece in his career. Especially tunes like "Moving" refer to terrace sunsets with its sweet synth hook and balearic but never cheesy use of guitar pickings whilst "Spheres" fuses slow Rock drums with an epic (Neo)Cosmic feel and same does - if you take away the Rock elements and replace them with AmbientTrance - the 10 minute piece named "White Spring". Seen in total which is the only way that "Sailing Off The Grid" works best this album is a straight and reasonable step forward in the musical path that Petar Dundov chose to explore a few years ago - Techno still, but focusing on its warm and floating, nearly embracing offsprings for ChillOut floors and armchair consumption. Nice.


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