Monday, August 05, 2013

Telepathic Bubblevinyl Vol.1 [XXC3 Promo]

These are news as huge as mountains - XXC3, one of my personal alltime favorite labels ever, has put new vinyl on the circuit, actually it is the labels first vinyl release since 1999. A limited pressing of not more than 50 copies worldwide which includes a bunch of four tracks provided by different artists connected to the Liquid Sky Berlin collective as there are Dr. Walker, ADSX and others who are walking down a deep, hypnotic and very trippy road with their tracks which are - at least at some point - influenced by Acid, dark nights out in clubs and run down basements, by 100% underground and the eternal, unwritten rules of nightlife that are stoved in the braincells of those who've been living this life for decades. This is exactly what electronic dance music is about - the raw, the pure and if you manage to grab one of these ultra rare, hand-numbered pieces it will be your shrine, your guide and defo brand your soul forever. Essential.


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