Friday, August 02, 2013

Wardrobe Memories - The Mean [Voluntary Whores 009 Promo]

Recently released and limited to only 48 copies worldwide is the latest output of the beloved tape only label Voluntary Whores which now puts the latest album release of the Deep Ambient project Wardrobe Memories on the circuit with this one. Named "The Mean" the fourteen track piece is - or should be as the trailer below suggests - to be understood as a soundtrack from the future transferred into the past which is now from that point of view, serving short and floating Deep Ambient tunes as well as uber-cold, tense and futuristic SciFi-snippets with captured recordings of dialogues, seemingly taken from a war zone or other highly dangerous territorities literally transferring the stressed out athmosphere of these places to whereever one might listen to "The Mean". And so do the melancholia-infused but fiercely manipulated piano sequences that are to be found on this longplay piece, suggesting calm and peace at first but turning this feel into something weirdly different by changing it's tone, contrasting the natural beauty with electronic intensity, distortion and abstract, sometimes even alienating synth phrases that evolve - at some point in the beginning of the B-side - into something slightly rhythmical and defo beautiful without aiming towards the dancefloor at all.  Deep thang. Good.


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