Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Trentemøller - Lost [In My Room Promo]

Lined up for release in late September is Anders Trentemøller's new and third album named "Lost" which sees him stepping even further away from the electronic club music culture than every other of his records before, totally dissociating himself from these realms and steadily evolving into... what?  To file Trentemøller's recent sound under a well fitting flag isn't that simple - there's the lonesome producer spending days and weeks and months in his studio, writing moody, sometimes desparate, always atmospheric and defo not non-electronic pieces with a well-recognizable twist which are graced by vocalists like Low, Jana Hunter of Lower Dens, long time compagnon Marie Fisker and others providing a wide range from intimate PostPunk / PostWave to proper Indie, or - on the other hand - working out impressive instrumental Wave / Goth Rock cuts reminiscing of acts like Altered States or Sisters Of Mercy with their mandatory use of dark'ish bass and eerie sounds like the uber-heavy "Still On Fire" or alienated, Desert Rock-related scenarios of 7+ minutes runtime like the oil and sweat dripping "Trails" - a tune that totally mutates and takes off in a direction unthought of after two thirds of raw uncut guitar abuse. Not to mention the close to ritual, gamelan'esque, damp and feverish tranquility of "Morphine". Then there's the full on Trentemøller live band touring Europe and the globe recently, amazing fans and followers with a stage-fitting transformation of the album tracks once again underpinned by well thought of visual effects and stage decor, wowing the masses with a spectacular combination of sound and lights. Keeping all this in mind Mr. Anders Trentemøller can be identified as maybe the only living chimera able to flawlessly fuse the club producers attitude with its countless studio hours, a cineastic understanding of sound and athmospheres and a proper Indie Rock approach within one single mind - an attitude maybe best shown in the electronically backed, hyper-fragile ballad  "Come Undone" featuring the tender vocals of Blonde Redhead's Kazu Makino which is a blueprint of touching deepness and maybe the most emotionally thrilling track to be found on "Lost" - an album that's surely second to none in its overall vision and attitude.


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