Sunday, September 15, 2013

Falling - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Shhhh Records 010 Promo]

Reaching the two digit mark in a steadily growing string of releases the Mettmann-based Shhhh Records seems to have reached a turning point with this release - a full on band album of Improvised Jazz that was produced by its four members Turgut Kocer, Helge Neuhaus, Frederik Groborsch and Gabriel Masterson without ever meeting in one place for rehearsal or recording sessions but throughout emulating the live situation whilst sharing files via the interwebs. The result is an expertly crafted, deeply chilled and well nocturnal sounding album for those loving some serious drinks in proper bars whilst listening to the darker side of Future Jazz partly represented by Bugge Wesseltoft's New Conceptions Of Jazz project or the legendary and well moody Showroom Recordings run by Patrick Pulsinger and Erdem Tunakan. To embroider this landmark release even more the label decided to produce only a limited run of 100 green vinyl copies which are both accompanied by an additional art print as well as the bonus CD album "Meanwhile At The Working Station: B-Sides And Rare Recordings" featuring another 15 tracks of 60+ minutes run time that are rounding off this release pretty well, covering a musical range from more Ambient-flovered and motion picture soundtrack´-related short cuts to raw'ish Improv jams, athmospheric Uptempo Jazz with surprising twists and turns as well as some deeply melancholic, blues-driven vocal pieces. Good one. Drink Sours or Old Fashioneds to this.


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