Friday, September 06, 2013

Downliners Sekt - Balt Shakt [InFine Promo]

Scheduled for October 14th is the next teaser single announcing the near arrival of the forthcoming Downliners Sekt album in early 2014 via InFine . Filling this time gap we see Downliners Sekt embracing the 4/4 bassdrum and surface noise induced DubTechno with two variations of their tune "Balt Shakt" which are featured on this vinyl only release. Whilst the first version serves a playful use of offbeat drum shots and ethnic vocal samples building a kind of ritual tension on advanced dancefloors familiar with certain levels of abstraction we see the second track layout embracing the uptempo beat of straight Future Garage, mixing that up with the hissing echoes and endless reverbs, floating away on spiralling filters and killing crowds with an ever growing energy that most interestingly never reaches a full climax but even adds some sweet, dreamy and well-calming pianos in the last quarter of the tune, emphasizing on Downliners Sekt's unique way of approaching the dancefloor. Good one.


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