Monday, September 09, 2013

baze.djunkiii Charts 09.2013

01. Lustmord - The Word As Power [Blackest Ever Black]
Without any doubt the darkest, deepest, most ecclesiastic and ritualistic, the most intense and the most beautiful album released in 2013 so far. Stripped down Dark Ambient meets Black Listening meets vocals of a sacred impression, telling tales from beyond time and space, unveiling inner thoughts of the early ancestors and unrolling dark, tense athmospheres that seem to go back to the days before manhood even existed. This is music that touches the deep, ever vibrating core of every human being out there and it'd be interesting to find out what kind of story lies under the surface of these sparse, nearly isolationist layers of sound. Maybe the wise men of australian aboriginal descent can tell as - listening to "The Word As Power" over and over again - this album kinda brings their conception of dreamtime to mind as the whole album seems to morph, warp, bend and transform the regular space-time-continuum on a specific level. Great.

02. The Toten Crackhuren Im Kofferraum - Mama, Ich Blute [Destiny / Aggropop]
The TCHICK as these chicks do name themselves in an abbreviated form really got me by the balls whilst reviewing their album for FAZE Magazine with the result of a straightaway 10 out of 10 rating for being unique, funny, ironic and fresh as a fuck. Somewhere between a sweet as candy hyperpink bubblegum, dirty ElectroPunk and a wasted german youth rrriot girrrl attitude. Makes my day whenever I put this vinyl on. Must have.

03. DJ Rashad - I Don't Give A Fuck [Hyperdub 075]
Actually it's not a secret that I've got a thing for GhettoTech and ElectroBass - as you can easily hear in this mix - and so it's obvious that getting addicted to Footwork and Juke is the next logical step in following the evolution of Chicago Basement Music and any kind of Detroit Booty Tech. Both of them are served by DJ Rashad and his collaborational partners DJ Spinn, Freshmoon and DJ Manny  in absolute and forward looking perfection whilst bringing in echoes of long gone Jungle and an overall feel reminiscing of the urban sound of London around 1993 or maybe 1994. This is beat abstraction on a deeper, sex driven level. Plus: the title track is uber-tense 23rd century gangster music which I'd love to hear blasting through a massive system. Let them bang.

04. Classic Jams [Poker Flat Recordings Promo]

Listen to this 10 minutes strong megamix and see review for details...

05. Rampue - Let's Be Kids Again [Audiolith 179 Promo]
This one was already recommended on these pages on the day of its release for spreading nothing but love and tender care. Four tracks - each of them a musical love story and the blueprint for what will go down in history books as Romantic House, a new genre, a new variation in House music brought to us via Rampue as its undisputed pioneering master. Check soundfiles here...

06. Trentemøller - Lost [In My Room Promo]

See review for details... 

07. Air Texture Volume III selected by Deadbeat & DJ Olive [Air Texture 003 Promo]
It's alway nice to see some really top notch Ambient floating around as sometimes one needs to step back from music with dancefloor or any kind of beat driven approach and - as some of you might already know - I desparately miss the days in which each and every party used to have a second floor or at least a ChillOut / Ambient room catering interesting, mostly embracingly organic, calm but also advanced and eclectic music for those who needed a break, so there's no way for me to dislike this one. Compiled by Deadbeat & DJ Olive each artist is responsible for one part of this double pack, selecting his favorite tracks for a journey through mostly beatless realms. Whilst Deadbeat surprisingly focuses on the real Ambient,  relaxed and undisturbed side of things - if one accepts Tobias. "Subterranean" as one of the rare exceptions with its harsh, filtered Noise parts and metallic sounds intertwining with relaxing string pieces - catered by the likes of Pole, Thomas Fehlmann, Loops Of Your Heart or Blue Fields we see DJ Olive exploring the experimental, sometimes even intellectualized side of electronic listening music. With experimentalists like Phil Niblock, Jim O'Rourke, Fennesz, Raz Mesinai - known to the bass addicted world under his Badawi moniker -, Ikue Mori or Oren Ambarchi on the bill this list of contributing artists is nothing but mouthwatering dish for every lover of Drone and / or Experimental Ambient. Therefore essential.

08. Wardrobe Memories - The Mean [Voluntary Whores Promo]
See review for details... 

09. Ascon Bates & Harmond Age - Brainorety / Authorety [Drug Machine Inc. 002 Whitelabel]
Pretty thrilling uptempo piece of slightly Acid-driven MinimalTechno with - this goes especially for the untitled A1 piece here - addictive vocal sample abuse whilst the second tune on this stamped underground whitelabel is a highly functional tune also to be filed under the MinimalTechno-flag but leaves out vocals and Acid, focusing on a darker, heavily pumping late night feel. Quite a good choice, although the flipside features the same tunes again - a phenomenon that I still don't exactly get.

10. Echo Inspectors - Ghost Flight [Primary (Colours) 002 Promo]
The Australian Primary (Colours)-imprint gets as dubby as dubby can get with this highly limited red vinyl 12". The original "Ghost Flight" is a deep, kinda Ambient'ish excursion into original Dub-flavored electronic music that can be filed under the flag of DubTechno for sure but has more of chilled non-4/4 vibe to it and is about nothing else but floating, organic bass meditation. On the flipside the legendary DubTechno-producing duo Salz takes care of "Ghost Flight" remixwise, transferring the whole thing into a more dancefloor driven context, including basslines as deep as the Grand Canyon and as wide as a desert. With their addition of a few sparse, but positive offbeat licks and skeletal modulations this one surely is about to make some waves on the dancefloor.


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